[Phys-seminars] 2011-05-11 Special Physics Seminar

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Sun May 8 12:11:34 IDT 2011

Special Physics Seminar

  DATE: 11-05-2011

  TIME: 15:15pm (Wed)

  PLACE: Nano Building Auditorium

Simulating a Gravity-Wave Observatory with a Few Thousand Atoms

Prof. Dan Stamper-Kurn, Berkeley

In cavity optomechanical systems, the motion of a 
mechanical element is sensed by its influence on the field within an 
electromagnetic resonator.  While their experimental realizations are 
quite diverse, such systems are converging on the common goal of quantum 
limited operation.   I will discuss the use of ensembles of ultracold 
trapped atoms as mechanical elements within a high-finesse optical 
cavity, as a realization of cavity optomechanics in the quantum 
regime.   We have also begun exploring cavity optical interactions with 
another collective variable of the trapped atoms: their spin.  The 
optical cavity provides a powerful means for detecting spin dynamics, 
permitting us to perform magnetic resolution imaging with high spatial 
resolution, and also for influencing such dynamics in close analogy with 
cavity optomechanics.

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