[Phys-seminars] 2011-06-06 Particles and Fields Seminar

lublinm at bgu.ac.il lublinm at bgu.ac.il
Tue May 31 14:23:52 IDT 2011

Particles and Fields Seminar

  DATE: 06-06-2011

  TIME: 14:00pm (Mon)

  PLACE: Physics building (#54) room 207

Photon-Axion Conversion in a Quadrupole Magnetic Field

shay leizerovitch, 

I Study the 2D scattering of axions from a quadrupole magnet using the eikonal approximation. The eikonal approximation is  introduced and studied. I will also apply the eikonal approximation to known results obtained by using Born approximation, and justify its correctnes.

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