[Phys-seminars] 2011-12-19 Condensed Matter Seminar

Yishay Manassen manassen at bgu.ac.il
Mon Dec 12 08:59:52 IST 2011

Condensed Matter Seminar 
  DATE: 19-12-2011 
  TIME: 11:30am (Mon) 
  PLACE: Physics building (#54) room 207 
Time reversal of short pulses in systems with zero-width bandgaps 
Dr. Yonatan Sivan, Imperial College, London. 
   Time-reversal of pulses has a variety of applications in fields such 
as communication systems, acoustics, THZ- and bio-imaging as well 
as quantum information and computing. To date, time-reversal of 
optical pulses can be achieved by employing fairly complicated, 
band-limited and inefficient schemes, usually relying on several 
powerful (nonlinear) wave sources. 
In my talk, I will discuss a novel approach to time-reversal 
of ultra-short optical pulses using special photonic structures 
having zero-width bandgaps and show how these systems may allow 
overcoming the limitations of existing schemes. I will discuss 
several possible systems with this property and focus on zero-gap 
periodic systems. I will show that simple tuning in time allows for 
time-reversal of ultrashort optical pulses with unprecedented 
simplicity and efficiency. I also suggest several specific designs 
for the implementation of our scheme, ways to further simplify 
it, and discuss several possible future directions ‎
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