[Phys-seminars] 2011-12-28 Particles and Fields Seminar

physics at bgu.ac.il physics at bgu.ac.il
Mon Dec 26 11:09:39 IST 2011

Particles and Fields Seminar

  DATE: 28-12-2011

  TIME: 10:00pm (Mon)

  PLACE:  building (#90) room 322

Everywhere regular solutions of Einstein equations

Stefano Ansoldi, University of Udine

We present a review of some solutions of non-vacuum Einstein equations
that posses horizonsbut are free from singularities. Using some recent
realizations we show that all these solutions fall within the same general
class, which can be traced back to the so called \"Bardeen solution\". We
finally discuss some preliminary work that suggests a direction for possible

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