[Phys-seminars] 2012-01-09 Condensed Matter Seminar

Yishay Manassen manassen at bgu.ac.il
Sat Dec 31 10:07:50 IST 2011

Condensed Matter Seminar 
  DATE: 09-01-2012 
  TIME: 11:30am (Mon) 
  PLACE: Physics building (#54) room 207 
Non-adiabatic pumping in an oscillating-piston model 
Maya Chuchem , Dept. of Physics BGU 
We consider the prototypical "piston pump" operating on a ring, 
where a circulating current is induced by means of an AC driving. 
This can be regarded as a generalized Fermi-Ulam model, 
incorporating a finite-height moving wall (piston) and non trivial 
topology (ring). The amount of particles transported per cycle is 
determined by a layered structure of phase-space. Each layer is 
characterized by a different drift velocity. We discuss the 
differences compared with the adiabatic and Boltzmann pictures, and 
highlight the significance of the "diabatic" contribution that might 
lead to a counter-stirring effect. ‎
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