[Phys-seminars] 2017-01-09 Condensed Matter Seminar

manassen manassen at bgu.ac.il
Fri Jan 6 10:50:24 IST 2017

Condensed Matter Seminar

 DATE: 09-01-17

 TIME: 11:30

 PLACE: Physics building (#54) room 207

Dimensional reduction of the Luttinger Hamiltonian and g-factors of holes in symmetric two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures.

Dima Miserev, School of Physics, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

The spin-orbit interaction of holes in zinc-blende semiconductors is much stronger than that of electrons. This makes the hole systems very attractive for possible spintronics applications. In three dimensions (3D) dynamics of holes is described by well known Luttinger Hamiltonian. However, most of recent spintronics applications are related to two dimensional heterostructures where dynamics in one direction is frozen due to quantum confinement. The confinement results in dimensional reduction of the Luttinger Hamiltonian, 3D→2D. Due to interplay of the spin-orbit interaction, the external magnetic field, and the lateral gate potential imposed on the heterostructure the reduction is highly nontrivial and not known. In the present work we perform the reduction and hence derive the general effective Hamiltonian which describes spintronics effects in symmetric two- dimensional (2D) heterostructures. In particular, we do the following, (i) derive the spinorbit interaction and t
 he Darwin interaction related to the lateral gate potential, (ii) determine the momentum dependent out-of-plane g-factor, (iii) point out that there are two independent in-plane g-factors, (iv) determine momentum dependencies of the in- plane g-factors.

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