[Phys-seminars] 2017-03-20 Particles and Fields Seminar

guendel guendel at bgu.ac.il
Mon Mar 13 18:36:45 IST 2017

Particles and Fields Seminar

 DATE: 20-03-17

 TIME: 14:00

 PLACE: Physics building (#54) room 207

\"Dissipative hydrodynamics in superspace\"

Dr. Natalia Pinzani-Fokeeva, Technion

I will discuss the Schwinger-Keldysh effective field theory for hydrodynamics within a superspace formalism. Superspace allows to efficiently impose the symmetries of the problem and to construct simple expressions for the effective action. The obtained theory is compatible with the Kubo-Martin-Schwinger condition, which in turn implies that Green\'s functions obey the fluctuation-dissipation theorem.

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