[Phys-seminars] 2017-05-03 Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

smoshe smoshe at bgu.ac.il
Mon Apr 24 23:20:42 IDT 2017

Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

 DATE: 03-05-17

 TIME: 13:30

 PLACE: Physics building (#54) room 207

Topological superconductors in multiple flavors: gapped and gapless, in wires and 2DEGs

Anna Keselman, Weizmann

In this talk, I will discuss new aspects of topological superconductivity. I will first present a novel route to topological superconductivity in one dimension, based on Josephson junctions in which two superconductors are separated by a two-dimensional electron system with strong spin-orbit coupling. Remarkably, in these systems, a phase bias can induce a robust topological superconducting phase in the junction, requiring no fine-tuning of other parameters, in contrast to the more commonly studied wire realization. Moreover, we identify a regime of parameters for which the system can tune itself into the topological phase via a first-order phase transition. In the second part of my talk, I will address the question of the existence of a gapless topological superconducting phase in one dimension. I will argue that in presence of time-reversal symmetry this notion is well defined, and show how it can be realized.

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