[Phys-seminars] 2017-11-07 Physics Colloquium - correction

ymeir ymeir at bgu.ac.il
Fri Nov 3 17:09:27 IST 2017

Physics Colloquium - correction

 DATE: 07-11-17

 TIME: 15:30

 PLACE: Nanotechnology institute building (#51) room 15

Quantum Design in Carbon Nanotubes

Shahal Ilani, Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science

When quantum mechanics and Coulomb repulsion are combined in a perfectly clean solid, some of the most fascinating electronic phases in nature can emerge. However, real solids are never perfect, and thus the interesting behavior that should emerge when electrons are interacting among themselves is often destroyed by the much stronger interaction they have with random impurities. In this talk I will describe recent technological breakthroughs that allow us to make extremely clean electronic devices based on carbon nanotubes. I will show how using these devices it is now possible to study the quantum mechanics of electrons \"on a wire\" and observe long-sought electronic phases such as the quantum crystal of electrons and the emergence of electronic attraction driven only by Coulomb repulsion.
Refreshments are served at 14:45.

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