[Phys-seminars] 2017-11-14 Physics Colloquium

lublinm lublinm at bgu.ac.il
Sun Nov 12 16:18:06 IST 2017

Physics Colloquium

 DATE: 14-11-17

 TIME: 15:30

 PLACE: Nanotechnology institute building (#51) room 15

The Ergodic Side of the Many-Body Localization Transition

Yevgeny Bar Lev, WIS

Generic interacting, disordered and isolated systems were shown to break ergodicity in a dynamical transition, called the many-body localization transition. In this talk I will discuss the static and dynamical properties of the ergodic phase, which turn out to be anomalous. I will present a penomenological picture which was proposed to explain such properties, and will provide evidence which suggest that this picture might not be complete.

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