[Phys-seminars] 2017-11-15 Reminder! Nanotechnology Seminar - William Chiuman

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Wed Nov 15 08:30:45 IST 2017

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Subject: 2017-11-15 Nanotechnology Seminar - William Chiuman

Nanotechnology Seminar, Wednesday November 15th, 12:00
IKI Auditorium, Building 51, room 015

SpringerNature Research Solution for Nanotechnology, known as Nano

William Chiuman

Dr. Chiuman will present SpringerNature new Nature Research Solution for Nanotechnology, known as Nano. This is to show where we are now in this very ambitious project and discuss any suggestions you may have for further improving. William graduated with a PhD from McMaster University in Canada followed by two post-doctoral fellowships at Emory University in US and McMaster University.  He has published 15 ISI-indexed journal articles and one book chapter related to DNA enzymes and nanoscale biosensors before he joined our company in 2011.  William has been involved in developing Nano over the past 2 years and successfully launched it under the Nature Research portfolio in June, 2016.  He is currently Director Product Management at Nanoscience & Technology department of Springer Nature Database Research Group.

Nano in a nutshell:
Nano is a unique Nature Research solution specific to nanotechnology.  It gathers and indexes nanotechnology articles & data from currently 171 journals, including leading titles from AAAS, ACS, Elsevier, RSC, Springer Nature and Wiley.  Nano allows you to precisely search articles and manually curated nanomaterial summaries including information such as properties, composition, biological effects, characterization and synthesis methods and applications.

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