[Phys-seminars] 2018-04-09 Condensed Matter Seminar

dcohen dcohen at bgu.ac.il
Tue Apr 3 16:14:49 IDT 2018

Condensed Matter Seminar

 DATE: 09-04-18

 TIME: 11:30

 PLACE: Physics building (#54) room 207

One-dimensional transport of ultracold atoms

Igor Lerner, University of Birmingham

Advances in cooling and trapping of atoms have enabled unprecedented experimental control of many-body quantum systems. This led to the observation of numerous quantum phenomena, important for fundamental science, indispensable for high-precision simulations of condensed-matter systems and promising for technological applications. However, transport measurements in neutral quantum gases are still in their infancy in contrast to the central role they play in electronics. Nevertheless, as quantum technologies continue to mature, characterization and ultimately technical exploitation of quantum transport of ultracold neutral atoms becomes possible. Similarly to microelectronics, this will be most promising in low-dimensional, in particular one-dimensional systems. In this talk, after reviewing nascent experiments on quantum fermionic transport, I will focus on our theoretical prediction and the possibility of experimental observations of qualitatively new phenomena in transport 
 of ultracold bosons which do not have a direct counterpart in quantum electronic transport in condensed matter systems.

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